Anchorage Of Portovenere 

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Also known as Terrizzo, the anchorage of Portovenere raises within the Gulf of La Spezia, on its south-western edge, between the coast and Palmaria Island which, together with the other islands of the archipelago, protects it against south-eastern winds.

The sea bottom in the achorage has a depth which varies from 2 to 8 metres. While entering it, please pay particular attention to the surrounding fish farms.

During the day, the traffic in the area annoys the anchorage which remains well-sheltered anyway.

Insidious winds are those from the second and third quadrant in summer, while in winter the anchor post is subject to northerly and south-eastern winds.

Coming from North-East, entering the anchorage is quite simple both in the daytime and at night. On the contrary, if you come from South-West, the anchorage is accessible through the channel of Portovenere that is particularly insidious in case of strong libeccio. Moreover, the channel of Portovenere is not accessible by boats with a draught exceeding 3.5m.

In addition to the varied tourist attractions offered by the nice village of Portovenere, the anchorage has a remarlable natural value. Its proximity to both the National Park of Cinque Terre and the Regional Natural Park of Portovenere offers to yachtsmen the possibility to enjoy several excursions along the natural paths running along the two parks. The quality of sea is certified by a long tradition of blue flags, in addition to the proximity to the marine reserve of Cinque Terre.

On land, we suggest a walk along the characteristic "carruggi" of Portovenere which, together with Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco. Particularly picturesque is St. Peter's church, located at the top of Arpaia, near the remains of ancient fortresses. The church overlooks the anchorage, Palmaria Island and the grotto of Byron, where the famous poet was used to go to fidn his inspiration.

Direcly exposed to winds and waves crushing into the rocks on which it was built, St. Peter's Church offers some wonderful sights and sunsets to the point that the anchorage of Portovenere is considered a romatic destination by yachtsmen.