Le Grazie 

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Located opposite the village of Le Grazie, between Fezzano and Porto Venere, this anchorage is an excellent shelter where to drop the anchor in the wonderful Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets) in Liguria, not far from La Spezia.

Wide enough, the bay offers an excellent shelter from all winds, except from the north-eastern ones. Boats can drop the anchor in the southern shore of the bay, under the promontory hosting the Navy SEAL station, while the northern one is occupied by the quays of a small marina. The seabottom, whose depth varies from 12 to 5 m, is composed by mud ad clays; once you've dropped your anchor, it is a good holding ground.

There are no particular dangers neither at the entrance nor inside the bay; you might hear some gunfires, but they are part of the Navy training.

In case of north-east wind, we suggest to prefer Porto Venere, Fezzano or La Spezia.
The services provided are essential but useful: waste collection, coffe bars, restaurants, supermarkets, a post office and even a small hardware store. For all the other services, Porto Venere and La Spezia can be reached easily and fast.

The Roman villa located just behind the village is unfortunately open just few hours a day but a walk around the village and until the overlooking church can be a nice experience anyway. On the quays, you can find many J-Class boats moored here and looking forward to join a special event or competition.