Cala Di Feola Bay - Ponza Island 

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One among the most popular anchorages in Ponza Island, Cala di Feola Bay is an excellent solution to spend a day or a night at anchor, far from the crowded harbour of Ponza but with the possibility to benefit from the plurality of services of the nearby town of Le Forna.

Cala di Feola is situated in the north-western side of the island. Sheltered from winds of the second and fourth quadrant, it is however exposed to western winds like all the other islands on this side of the island. The natural Feola Bay is sheltered by a small dock generally used by fishing boats but not accessible by recreational ones. It is possible to drop the anchor in the anchorage opposite the dock, where the rocky-and-sandy sea bottoms are about 10-15 m deep.

Like for all the coves on the western side of the island, it's important to be precisely informed about weather and sea conditions since western winds can be really insidious, especially in summer when crews often get off boats. An order of the Port Authority also warns about the risk of landslides and falling rocks.

Cala di Feola is famous for its pools carved into the tufa stone which form real natural swimming pools. The clear colour of the sand on the sea bottom, the clear water and the blue sea of Ponza are the typical elements of this wonderful landscape. Very picturesque are the little houses carved into the tufa stone, built by the first settlers of the bay and still intact today. On the contrary, monk seals, which lived in the cliffs of the bay just few decades ago, have disappeared.

At the bottom of the bay there's a beach equipped with rest stops, coffee bars and restaurants, sun umbrellas and beds and diving equipment rental points. Both the beach and the anchorage are very crowded in summer but certainly not as much as those in the eastern part of the island. The town of La Forna is reachable by foot through a steep path. There, visitors can find all kind of services: restaurants, coffee bars, a small supermaket, scooter rental and so on. The promenade allows to enjoy a wonderful view on the bays of Cala di Feola and Cala dell'Acqua, separated by a small promontory.