Cala Dell'acqua (water Bay) 

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Cala dell’Acqua (Water Bay in English) inherits its name due to the presence of large sacs of water still present today and which still filter through the rocks. It is accessible both by sea and land, through a single path starting from the hamlet of Le Forna. If you don't have a boat, a shuttle service will lead to the anchorage in a 45-minute cruise.

For about 50 years, until 1975, the area was particularly used for mineral extraction from a rich kaolin and bentonite deposit. Taking a short but charming walk, you can easily reach the fortress of Punta Papa, built in ancient times to guarantee the defense of the surrounding area. Under the promontory opens the Aunt Theresa's Grotto where, according to the legend, an oarsman hired a very precious treasure.

Always in Punta Papa, at 20 metres deep, lies the wreck of a small English transport ship, destroyed during the World War II because of a storm and engine failure. You can locate the wreck, split into two parts, by taking a rock raising near the Punta as a reference point. The stern of the wreck, still intact, lies in the middle of Cala dell'Acqua.

A brief cruise will lead you to the so-called Lucia Rosa's stacks. They are named after a dramatic event. In the late 19th century, the namesake Lucia Rosa threw herself off the cliffs because she couldn't marry a poor peasant. The story is dramatic but the view is really suggestive.

Cala dell'Acqua is a small but very crowded bay. Characterized by the clear colours of its rocks and sand, it is situated on the western shore of the island, which allows it to enjoy the last suggestive rays of the setting sun.

Inside the anchorage, a motor tanker stays at anchor to provide the island with water. In the past, there was also an iron pier but it was gradually destroyed by storms and time.

Unfortunately, the bay offers no safe berths neither services. You can find a safe anchorage about 200 metres south of Punta Papa, where sea bottoms reach almost 18 m. South-East of it and about 100 metres from the coast there's another anchorage, perfect for small boats: here, depth is about 5-6 m.

In April 2015, an interesting service conference took place and highlighted the need to plan and build a marina in Cala dell'Acqua. The construction of such a structure, in fact, not only will contribute to an important development in nautical tourism and local economy but it will also allow to regenerate and recover the area around the former Samip mine, totally abandoned after his closure in 1975.