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Syrna is a small island near Crete, Rhodi, Kardamena and all the most popular islands of Greece, halfway between Niriso and Astipalea. Its 4-square-kilometer surface is totaly uninhabitated and it offers just twot chapels, with no hotels and structures in the surroundings. The only things to do are swimming, fishing and walking in a really pleasant landscape. 

A wide double bay offers an excellent shelter from any northern wind. The most protected area is on the north-eastern coast. It is no coincidence that it is generally frequented by fishermen. Here, you can drop the anchor with no problem: depth varies from 8 to 10 metres and you can even drop the anchor off the bay, where depth reaches 30-40 metres.

Mooring ropes are necessary but not easy to use, since there aren't many rocks. If you arrive early, the best solution is to reach the innermost part of the bay, drop the anchor and moor with two ropes on the bow.

At the entrance of the bay, mind the rocks which arise on the eastern side.

The bay doesn't offer any services, of course, but, if you are lucky, you can buy some fresh fish from local fishermen at a very good price.

Syrna offers another bay on the western coast. It is a beautiful and deep bay but it is completely open on the northern side, you'd better to avoid it in summer