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Spinalonga is certainly one among the main tourist attractions of Crete Island. A small fortified island, almost entirely built by Venetians during their long domination, later gone through the hands of Ottomans and sadly become, until early XXth century, a sort of leper hospital-island. On the island, in fact, lived about 300 lepers, initially segregated in drab small houses or in the fortress itself and then moved to some miserable hospitals. They are the only buildings which disfigure the wonderful atmosphere of the island.

The island - whose real name is Kalidon, since Spinalonga is the name of the peninsula south of the islet, linked to the mainland by a sandy isthmus - is uninhabited today and it is in itself almost spectral. However, it deserves a visit, especially for its wonderful sights and its strange atmosphere.

You can get the island by one of the ferries which leave from St Nicholaus, Plaha or Elounda every day, even though getting it by boat is more charming.

Boats can moor for a while on the north-eastern side of the islet.

Between the islet and the mainland, there is the Lagoon of Spinalonga, a narrow and shallow strait ( the average depth is 5 m) between Crete and the peninsula. The laggon is a quiet place, well-sheltered from all winds, except for some strong and annoying breezes blowing from the top of the mountains of Crete.

Inside the lagoon, a large and well-sheltered bay offers a great anchorage opportunity. But be careful, because bottoms don't exceed 5 metres and they are very low near the coast (just 2 m).

In case of strong northern and north-western winds, we recommed to move to the southern side of the lagoon, north of the beach of Elounda, where you can drop the anchor and find a better shelter