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Located in one among the most popular areas of the western coast in Ionian Greece, Parga has become a very popular tourist destination over the last few years and it's living an increasing growth in this sense. However, as it often happens in Greece, it has no harbour.

Nevertheless, Parga offers some wonderful beaches and natural landscapes and many opportunities to have fun; on the other hand, it is located inside a bay halfway between Corfù and Lefkas, so it's an ideal starting point to get them and all the other islands of the archipelago.

As already said, the bay doesnt' offer any shelters nor structures, except from the tiny marina consisting of just a small but practical breakwater and a long dock opposite the village which, however, is absolutely forbidden to yachtsmen.

So, where shall we go? There are two options available. Parga is located inside a small bay composed by two different coves: the western Ormos Valtou which offers a moderate shelter and some interesting mooring options; and an eastern smaller one, accessible only from June to late September.

The main problem of the bay of Parga is represented by wind: the bay, in fact, is completely open on its southern side and it offers just a moderate shelter from north-western winds.

Getting Parga by boat is not difficult, except from some rocks near the eastern edge of the bay.

In the bay, you can reach the western side where you can drop the anchor in the bay, where the sandy seabottom is 5-7 m deep (you will enjoy a sufficient shelter from northern and north-western winds) or look for a place at the breakwater on the eastern shore of the bay, where depth reaches 4 metres. Mooring places are few but good there.

As an alternative, you can even drop the anchor in the beach located opposite the breakwater, which offers an excellent shelter even at night.

Anyway, there's a taxi-boat service from and to Parga.

As a third but more difficult option, you can also choose a small cove located east of the village and the dock, which can receive 1-2 boats (the sandy seabottom is about 4-5 m deep).

What to do in Parga? The village (just 2500 inhabitants) offers many cocktail bars, taverns, restaurants, souvenir shops and even a Venetian castle. However, it's not the right place if you're looking for nautical services