Nea Kameni 

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The recent results of the volcanic activity in Santorini, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni are two small wild islands, famous for their incomparable beauty and very popular among tourists.

Nea Kameni emerged from water in about 1500; some recent eruptions have opened new craters on the island, which can be visited at about 134 metres of height, with a breath-taking sight on Fira and Santorini.

Like in Santorini, in Nea Kameni, too, mooring places go like hot cakes and sometimes it's more convenient to visit it during a day trip or by boarding on one of the numerous tourist ferries.

Nature offers an incomparable show: lava flows, shimmering sea, bare landscape. Someone warn about the presence of giant mice, too: don't be afraid, but be careful!

The islet of Nea Kameni offers two main anchorages and several bays along the western coast but don't kid yourself: they will be certainly all busy! Nea Kameni is in fact the favourite destination of the caiques offering one or two-day-cruises from Fira.

Anyway, you can go north, where there is a bay provided with a cement dock. You can drop the anchor here or near the rocky coast. Anchorage is a little hard since water is made muddy by sulphurous emissions. The seabottom is sandy. Be careful to not "pick" someone else's ropes or anchors, a very frequent circumstance.

The best solution could be represented by a smaller bay on the south-eastern side of the islet, well-sheltered and, of course, very crowded. It's practically impossible to find a place in the quay. You can drop the anchor in the bay, where depth goes from 5 to 12 metres on a sandy bottom.

Palea Kameni is an even smaller island, west of Nea Kameni. The only bay is on the northern coast. It is very crowded and little sheltered from winds. Water is hot, sulphurous and ferrous, with a reddish colour. The bay is enchanting, with orange water and a white church in the middle. There are lots of rocks and cliffs where to secure a rope; the chance to make a stop depends on the number of places available. Relax and breath-taking sights are the only things the islet offers.