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Kilada is a large natural bay located north-east of the Argolic Gulf. With its particular horehoe shape, it presents an islet which marks and partially closes its entrance.

Given this excellent shelter from all winds and sea, Kilada is a very appreciated anchorage point for all yachtsmen sailing Aegean Sea.

Entering the bay of Kilada by boat is not difficult: you can pass around the islet or sail between the islet and the mainland (whose pomontory is signaled by a light). In this case, please pay attention to the very low depth (4 m on average). In bad weather, the first solution is absolutely not recommended.

Within the bay, you can drop the anchor practically anywhere or moor laterally at the first dock, where depth varies from 2.5 to 5 m. The second and third dock are, on the contrary, generally reserved for fishing boats while the quay is normally used by cargo ships. The bottom in the bay is composed by sand and mud and it presents no dangers. Only in summer, some strong western breezes can occur and be a little annoying.

The services provided are very essential: just some drinkable water at the first dock (its quality, however, is questionable), fuel and water available in tanks. There is a shipyard specialized in wooden boats repairs and equipped with a 70-ton-travelift and a slipway: its office is located on the first dock.

The village of Kilada hosts no particular attractions, except for some small minimarkets, shops, coffee bars and restaurants. The bay, on the contrary, is rich of beautiful beaches