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Dock Services


As already said in the file corcerning Naxos and its marina, the beautiful island has very few docks. Only Naxos hosts a commercial harbour and a marina. For the rest, the island offers only some more and less sheltered anchorages.
An exception is represented by Apollonas, on the north-eastern coast of the island, little far from Naxos. It's not a real marina but rather a shelter for very few boats.
In short, if you don't find a place in Naxos, you can look for a shelter in this wonderful calm bay, far from mass tourism.
Apollonas is a small fishing village, with a long sandy beach, some little restaurants and few shops. The main attraction of the village is the colossal (10.5 m) statue of Kouros, a representation of Dionysus, which dates back to the VIth century B.C. It's the biggest and more acient marble statue thorughout Europe.
The bay and the village are an ideal place where to relax and enjoy sea, walks and excursions.
In terms of hospitality, the small breakwater on the western side of the bay offers a good shelter, even if eastern winds can be dangerous.
You can moor near the breakwaters or in a tiny dock which marks the beginning of the fishing harbour. But be careful: depth varies in a very irregular way and breakwater is made up of big irregular rocks.
There are no water and electric charging columns.
If no place is available, you can drop your anchor inside the bay itself. Depth varies from 2 to 4 metres, the bottom is sandy and grip is moderate.
Another alternative is the bay of Moutsona, on the western coast of the island. It doesn't offer an excellent shelter but it is rich of small coves where you can stay at anchor. Here, depth varies from 2 to 8 metres.
Another small dock is located just in front of the village. Here, depth is just 1-2 metres and mooring places are very few.