Cap D'adge - Brescou- Les Tables 

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Cap d’Agde- Brescou- Les Tables is an equipped mooring area located in front of the harbour of Cap d'Agde, between the coasts of Fort de Brescou island and Les Tables.

It is located in the middle of the protected marina area called "Posidoniers du Cap d’Agde”, managed by the municipality of Agde and born to preserve marine ecosystem and the delicate poseidonia seabed from the impact caused by the presence of tourists and yachtsmen.

With an area of about 35 hectares and over 40 mooring buoys, it is the largest mooring area in the Languedoc - Roussillon region.

It's an ecological mooring zone divived in two parts: one is located near Brescou island, while the other one is west the harbour of Cap d'Agde, about 300 metres from the coast.

Mooring posts are totally free.

Anchor is not allowed because it can damage the buttoms; thus, boats must use the specific mooring buoys provided with fixed plates attached on the seabed.

The area of Brescou is open from June 1th to September 30th, while that one of Les Tables is open from April 15th to October 15th. Mooring is allowed from dawn till dusk. Only diving clubs which have obtained a special permit are allowed to moor at night.

Mooring is possible for boats with a maximum length of 17 metres. Mooring places are divided according to the length of the boats they can host (less than 6 metres, less than 8 m, less than 13 m and less than 17 m).

Mind the narrow passage between the harbour of Cap d'Agde and Brescou island. The maximum speed allowed in the whole area of Cap d'Adge is 5 knots.

Cap d'Agde, Brescou and Les Tables are surrounded by beautiful beaches, such as Grande Coque and La Plagette, near the harbour.