Zaton Gulf – Dubrovnik. 

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Mali Zaton is a bay of about 2 kilometers along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, the importance of this bay is given by the good protection offered from the bora (east-northeast wind) and all the winds in general and further its proximity to Dubrovnik (Ragusa). The city is only 6 nautical miles away, so the boat owner, who wants to stop before arriving here, will find an optimal environment. Mali Zaton is the name of the bay, anchoring north to 12 meters deep water; do not reach the end of the creek. Veli Zaton is the name of the little village that is immediately on the left after entering the bay. In the village harbor there is a pier with a depth from 1.5 meters (dock) to 4meters (head), there are also about a dozen dead bodies. For the entrance into the bay at night, rely on a red light flashing three seconds at the entrance.

The whole area is good to give the boat drop anchor, thanks to the clean and calm waters. On the coast there are some beaches patronized by tourists and accommodation for holidays. If you search for multiple services you need to head to the city, but obviously near Dubrovnik, marinas and ports are very expensive compared to the average in Croatia, and it is difficult to find a place in the high season. In addition to these marine (Gruz, Club Orsan, etc.) the old town (the one inside the walls to visit) is quite far.

The Gulf of Zaton has the peculiarity of being a quiet place, not expensive and with a preserved nature, despite the proximity of Dubrovnik. The village overlooking the gulf has the characteristics found in the inhabited areas along the Croatian coast, stone houses on the sea, a historical medieval town and a border of hills with Mediterranean scrub.

There is good wind protection, the bora in Southern Dalmatia blows with less intensity, the good anchorage, you have to check and be sure however that the anchor has taken,  there is a limited presence of some stone slabs. It is worth taking the opportunity to remind the yachtsmen, to pay attention on the moment at which he drops the anchor and check its strengthening,  because  the sea bed is not always  sand / mud (good tenant and perfect for the “ Still Danforth” of common use).  For sure, as you can see also from the morphological composition of the coast, often you find stones and the favorable climate also helps the growth of numerous algae.