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Zapuntel (Zapuntello) is located on Molat Island (Melada), which is part of the Zaratine Archipelago. The country is a good choice for mooring as it is an excellent alternative to the port of IST that is often crowded in summer. It also consists of the area adjacent to the pier and of the historic center that climbs up the hill. From here, there is a road that connects very well all the inhabited towns of the island. The economy of the island as well as tourism is much related to agriculture and fishing. For those who appreciate nature and silence this location is perfect, for those seeking a more active vacation, the park is not recommended.

The island has little more than 20 square kilometers and there are 200 inhabitants, the tourist loving the Mediterranean scrub, can indulge in walks in the green, with particular attention to the variety of flowers. In the past, the island produced honey (from which the Name), there is also a remarkable presence of rosemary. The flora and fauna have remained intact on the island, tourists are few and the cement here is not yet arrived.

At Zapuntel harbor, there are numerous buoys that can be found also in the bay of Mljake, right in front. The head of the pier is reserved for the ferry, while in the remaining part there are places available (few) where the water depth is about 3 meters. You can also find places to the inner west side of the pier where, however, the water depth is only 1.5 meters.

Important:  it is advisable to carefully read the paper, considering the many dangers within the narrow area, such as:  dry, rocks and islets, and during the maneuvers consider that the current reaches 3 knots.

By entering the harbor coming from the south, crossing the strait, you have to rely on the flashing white and red light (4 seconds). At about half, a mile from the entrance of the strait, stay on the right.  The isolated danger signal will be visible, two black balls superimposed on the left. If you enter the strait from north, you have to rely on the flashing white lighthouse (2 seconds).

You must give particular attention to the strong bora that can cause dandruff. This wind can be found along the entire Adriatic coast and can suddenly blow from the northeast. The gusts are violent especially when there is good weather. The difference of pressure and temperature that exists between the interior of the continent and the coast creates the wind; the greater this difference is, the more the wind will be intense. In summer, the bora is lower in intensity than in winter, on average it can last from one to three days, but it often happens that in a few hours it will vanish. Do not face the strait between the Isles of Mol and IST in the case of bora.