Uvala Zakplovica  

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Uvala Zakplovica is a small creek, about 150 meters in diameter, almost invisible from the sea, in the south tip of Pasman a few miles to NO of Pakostane; Surely the fact of being too much close  to Biograd brings daily hikers. However, in the evening, it is peaceful as tourists move away to other areas. The little restaurant on the south side is great, which, among other things, has a very practical jetty. Entering the creek, the mouth is hard to find, the depth of sea is good and there are no dangers, you can moor with the anchor on the north side, well protected from the bora (east-northeast wind) or take one of the 3 or 4 buoys present, all on the water between 5 and 10 meters deep.

The NW and West part of the creek allows you to approach the shore, but you have to pay attention to some underwater rocks; there is also a microscopic shingle beach. On the south side, there is a small restaurant where you can eat good fish (100 kune each in 2013); to drink you find fresh beer and Turkish coffee, no wine, and a parallel menu of meat.

The restaurant's pier is suitable for those who do not fish much, just 50 cm, but you must be careful because the east side is close to the rocks; the west side has maybe 1 meter bottom and a little more space. Do not go beyond the first float because the bottom goes up sharpish.  The mooring is English-style, one place by part, on the head there are 2 traps, but very thin. The pier is sloping and holds just the weight of 2/3 people, but an inspection it seems well secured to the bottom; minimum protection from the bora.