Unije Island- Quarnero Gulf 

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The uninhabited bay of Maračol (Lungo in Italian language) is located in the southeastern part of the island of Unije (Unie), south of the Istrian peninsula, and is the most recommended place for anchorage in the haven, given the depth of the water (Between four and eight meters) and the good seabed.

The bay is uninhabited; the only disadvantage is that the place is very busy, in high season you will probably find the crowded bay. Despite numerous buoys (very close) already in the early afternoon, there is the chance to find all the buoys occupied and in the evening, you create a second row of boats at anchor. Few motor yachts and many sailboats of different sizes, the place is also a real landmark for the various charter agencies. Affordable prices (2014), 10 kuna for each meter of the boat as the tax corresponding to 5 kuna per person.

If you want to take a walk from here, you can walk up to Unie, following a trail for about 15 minutes. Unie is the only small eponymous town on the island with a small supermarket; the permanent inhabitants are not even 100 people, until the arrival of tourism. In many have migrated since the island is located at sea and detached from the others and thus it is a peripheral area.

The port of the country located in a large bay and has also a small jetty; it is reached after about 20 miles of sailing from Maracol.  Do not stop here in the case of winds from the west or the Maestrale.

The harbor does not have much space for boats and in addition a couple of prohibitions: you have to leave the pier free for the first 50 meters and you can not anchor west (facing the pier head), anchor with a mediocre bottom and half a mile from the Notice “Attention to some emerging rocks”.

For nighttime access, You take help from the red flashing light (three seconds) placed in front of the pier. On the tip southwest of the island of Unije, a  flashing lighthouse in white and red light (10 seconds).

The island of Unjie has a long history in the agricultural field, especially with regard to the cultivation of olive trees, in fact still today there are vast olive groves arranged on terraces made with the typical dry masonry, can be seen mainly in the southern part, and therefore also in the area near Maracol. More than ten thousand plants on the island and the harvested product is one of the most important sources of income for the locals, along with fishing and tourism.