Ravni Akan Bay – Kornati Islands 

General Data


Dock Services


Ravni Žakan, inside the National Park of the Kornati Islands (Incoronate), is a particularly beautiful island to visit. In the south-west bay, facing the historic restaurant, the largest in the archipelago, there are dead bodies and a dock with moorings available. Additional services offered are, a convenience store and electric current, the depth of the seabed starts from the pier head 4 meters up to 1.6 meters to the end. It is important to know that Ravni Žakan, together with Stiniva, Statival, Lupeška, Tomasovac, Špinate, Lučica, Kravjačica, Strižnja, Vruje, Gujak, Opat, Smokvica, Ravni Žakan, Lavsa, Piškera and  in the bay of Anica e Levrnaca, in addition to the anchorage it  is allowed the overnight staying in the Park. The anchoring is secure, thanks to the fine bottom sand / mud, clear water where it will be impossible not to dive. Ravni Zakan is located on the outskirts of the park and is a good spot to start the first stop and start the visit, the bay is not as much frequent as the internal ones. It is advisable to buy entry tickets to the park via pre-sales on-line at kornati.hr, as it is more expensive at the various outlets. At the harbor, you will find information point and ticket office, where you can also apply for fishing and diving licenses.

Some important rules for diving:

You can only dive with organized groups and guides

It is forbidden to touch anything or even worse to take it

It is possible to reach a maximum depth of 40 meters

Night dives are prohibited (from 19:00 to 07:00)

Some prices per day (2015)

Boat length up to 11 meters: 150 kune

Boat length between 11 and 18 meters: 250 kune

Boat length between 18 and 25 meters: 450 kune

Daily prices decrease if you buy a longest ticket (three or five days). The park is open all year round, it is 190 nautical miles from Trieste and has 89 islands and 238 kilometers of coastline, the average temperature in August is twenty-five degrees and the hours of sunshine per year are 2,700. Clearly, this is one of the most beautiful areas of Dalmatia and probably the most preserved and where sustainability is one of the values at the top of the park's goals, there are no hotels or tourist facilities, at most anglers’ houses. That is why the archipelago is one of the most popular resorts of the boat owners, whose are free to navigate inside, paying attention only to some protected areas.