Pogana - Baia A Sud Di Cres  

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Pogana is a village of 50 inhabitants south of the island of Cres (Cherso) overlooking the bay of Jadriscica. The bay is recommended for anchoring to those leaving the Kvarner area and is heading south towards Central Dalmatia. The bay is a suitable shelter from the bora (east-northeast wind) that can blow very strongly in this area; in addition, it has an easy entry, a good tenant background and is very wide. In the case of strong bora, the most exposed part of the island of Cherso is the eastern one. It is identified by the steep cliffs and that for these reasons is scarcely inhabited.  If you find yourself sailing along the east coast of Cres and begins to rise Northeast wind, it is advisable to continue to Pogana and shelter there. In any case when the sirocco blows, is better to avoided it.

In the eastern part of the island, there are 2 natural reserves where the gryphon, a raptor with a wingspan of more than 2 meters, dwells. These birds tend to build nests on steep cliffs and therefore in this area they find an ideal habitat. In October, period of the pairs, it is easy to see two specimens flanking in the sky.

For the boats coming from the west instead, the passage between the island of Cres and the island of Losinj, is possible only during the opening hours of the bridge (9am to 5pm). The channel is 3 meters deep and only 12 wide, so there is a system of priority: first pass the  boats coming from the south, the maximum allowed speed 5 knots. A flashing red light indicates the north access, 1.5 seconds. Although the western part of the island is more flourishing and populated, once you pass the channel, Pogana remains anyway, the best choice for anchoring, as the bays along the route are smaller or have some impediment. For example in Kaldonta it is no longer possible to anchor because of a fish farm or Martinscica, where you must sail with extreme attention due to the presence of many dry and shallow depths in different areas of the bay.

In the bay there are about twenty buoys, you can mooring against payment, some are in front of the Baldarin campsite, where you can also find a restaurant and a refueling station. Depth varies from 2 to 4 meters; better not to stop too far inside the bay.  During the night on the pier of Pogana, there is a sparkling green light; the water is only 2 meters deep, at the head of the pier.