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Osor (Ossero) is a Havel that does not offer the best shelter but it has a strategic position. It is located just before the navigable channel (Cavanella channel) built by the man to separate the islands of Cres and Lusssino.  Osor in fact takes its name from a Roman city that at that time was flourishing and glorious; and was located near the canal. This passageway avoids sailing around the island of Losinj and shortens the route for those who are, for example, heading to Novalja on the island of Pago. Osor's Havel is the ideal place to wait for lifting the bridge (9am to 5pm). The closed bridge is a little less than a couple of meters. Pay attention to the speed limit, which is five knots when crossing the channel. The boats that come from the south have the right of way therefore who is waiting must maneuver or dock, so as not to interfere with the boats that are passing. The canal is twelve meters wide and about three meters deep.

If you decide to stay in Osor's work you have to pay attention to the bora that can be very violent. In this case, you lay a grounding cable. In the stone quay, you can moor but there are no services and it is exposed to the undertow. On a dock, you can go bow or stern, only for boats with little draft. From the north at night, refer to a red flashing light 3 seconds (Osor bay) and a flashing red light 1.5 seconds (channel start). Coming from the south the passage at the beginning is slightly less than 50 meters wide and then narrows to 12 on the canal. At night, green and red flashing lights on both sides signal it, for two seconds.

The nearby island of Losinj is worth a visit, primarily for its small sandy beaches (difficult to find in Croatia), but also for the typical Mediterranean scrub and fresh air. The island is not as touristy as much as Istria but in recent years are several hotels and campsites that are developing, are however still quiet places and isolated. Very popular are the fish restaurants in Lussingande offering sea views and discreet prices as well as excellent fish quality. Connections on the island all depend on one single road and therefore more practical is the use the boat to visit the places.