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Dock Services


In the southern part of the island of Kornat, the largest of the islands forming the Kornati National Park, there is the Opat's  haven, a large creek in which there are numerous buoys. There are also two restaurants that overlook the sea and that have as many docks with dead bodies and the electricity service.

 Pay attention: the restaurants make it available for those who want to moor but it is good to land in the bow despite the indications of the premises, since even if the length of backdrops is indicated by 3m, in fact, in some areas it reaches just 1.5m.   Further, you must be careful to arrive in the area with the full tank as there are no fuel refueling stations.

The Opat bay is one of the nine areas of the National Park where you can go diving outside of organized groups. To enter the harbor you must still pay the entrance fee to the park.