Molunat Gornji (molonta Piccola) 

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Molunat Gornji (Molonta Small) is a small village in the southernmost part of Croatia, just a few miles from the border with Montenegro. The name derives from the Greek Moles, harbor, and the village has about 100 souls for most fishermen and workers in the tourism sector. If you come from Montenegro and you want to come to Croatia then you have to head to Cavtat (north town with offices of the Master of harbor) to conduct the entry procedures. If you come from Montenegro and you want to go into Croatia, then you have to go to Cavtat (town north of the Harbor with offices) to carry out the entry procedures. The area being on the border is very much controlled by law enforcement. The country is located in the vicinity of Dubrovnik (40 km), a bus or a taxi can take you to the center in no time.

Considering the size and population density here, you cannot expect to find much nightlife, although in high season, tourists who reside in the different apartments available, patronize the place. The place is very quiet and relaxing and nearby Molunat there are shingle beaches, here the season is long, even in May and September the days are hot.

Since the times of the Dubrovnik Republic in the fifteenth century, the open roadstead has been regarded as an ideal point for boat parking. In the village, there are also remains of the ancient fortifications, so you can be very quiet and give ground to the anchor in this bay. The boat moored between the mainland and the two islets it is well protected and the depth is 8 meters, 3 meters instead at berth moorings. For the night from the southwest entrance, there are two lights, a beacon on the left spot on the big island, white light flashing 15 seconds, and a light on the right white light flashing 3 seconds. It is recommended to keep right and stay close to the second light for a more convenient entry.

The bay can be a good choice as an intermediate step before a visit to the coast of Montenegro avoiding the crowds that usually creates in Cavtat and giving up, however, to some services such as water and electricity. As a last recommendation we do not suggest the landing on the nearby Prevlaka peninsula, the ground is Croatian but until recently it was the controversy between the two countries, considering its strategic position, in 2010 there was still a presidency of the blue helmets of the UN.  At the southern tip of the peninsula is present a lighthouse of white light flashing every 10 seconds.