Barbat - Isola Di Rab 

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Barbat is located in the southwestern part of the island of Rab. Between the villages of Barbat and Pudarica there are numerous beaches with the characteristic of having very fine sand (difficult to find in Dalmatia) as well as transparent waters. Pudarica is one of these beaches, the largest and best equipped as for tourist service but also the most crowded because of easy access from the ground; between the two villages you can find some other beaches smaller but more reserved. The area is also protected from the bora (east-northeast wind) but is recommended in the case of sirocco that creates current and annoying waves.

The island of Dolin is located parallel to the island of Rab forming a canal (maximum speed 6 knots, rigorously respecting the maximum speed, the presence of the Harbor Master is constant).

To access from south to the beach and to the village of Pudarica and then to Barbat's roadstead, you have to enter the canal. The entrance is signaled with flashing light (2 seconds) and it is suggested to proceed slowly and keeping on the right by the far side south of Dolin Island, an area where there are dangerous shoals and emerging rocks. From the sea Pudarica  is easily visible; there is a pier (two mt deep in the head) with a bar.

Barbat is visible right after the series of beaches and in this places there are numerous small piers, most reserved for restaurant and pension customers. The entry to the North Channel is signaled by a flashing white light (two seconds and 7 meters high).

Barbat is a quiet place, if you are looking for more lively days, the nearby island of Pag has better deals, and otherwise if you are looking for clean air and less tourists, the island of Rab is the best choice. It is worth leaving the coast, where the buildings are beginning to rise, to go into the uncontaminated woods where you can appreciate the scents of a rich Mediterranean vegetation.

The village of Rab, further to the north, is famous because "the 4 bell towers" are seen from the sea and a stop is almost mandatory, as the country is very ancient, and in the past has been the crossroads of different cultures. The paved roads are perfect for diving in the past, travelling from the harbor to the highest point of the town to the church of San Cristoforo, as the cars are forbidden to access.