Banjol - Isola Di Rab 

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The roadstead of Banjol is located about 2 miles south of the port of Rab (Arbe) on the island of the same name. This area offers a good alternative to berthing the boat in case the harbor has no longer moorings available, and a great opportunity to live totally the sea. Banjol has a quay where you can find some places, the water two meters deep. There is also a three-ton travel lift.

Like most of the islands in Dalmatia, the western part is the best-protected area and the vegetation is lusher here. The Mediterranean vegetation here is able to make the maximum of it, thanks to the numerous sweet water sources on the island. In the village, there are restaurants and shops for the supplies.  August 5th St. Lucia is celebrated, with the explosion of a local animated festival, which offers the opportunity to discover the local culture, especially gastronomic. The locals’ people are hospitable and accustomed to tourists, since the end of 1800 the resort was frequented by vacationers from the continent.

The area near Banjol is well known by tourists because of three famous beaches, which have the particular feature of being fine sand, difficult to find along Dalmatia that is mainly composed of limestone rock. The beaches of Crnika and Suha Punta boast the blue flag, an acknowledgment given by the Foundation for Environmental Education to bathing areas, which meet quality requirements such as cleanliness and water purity. The stop near these beaches with the boat, is facilitated thanks to the presence of several small piers (attention to the draft), from the land several paths lead to the coves, some of which are dedicated to naturists. The most popular beach is the more southern beach, Pudarica, where you find many bathers and there is a landing stage once used for a ferry. The whole area is windy and on the beach, there is no heat while sailing the island is particularly enjoyable.  Apply considerable attention to the passage in the Barbat canal, which in high season is busy even if, at the same time, it has quiet waters.

In the Adriatic Sea, the bora and   the sirocco are the master wind, but during the summer season even, the mistral is important. This wind starts to blow in the morning around 10 o'clock and then reinforces in the following hours when it disappears in the evening, with the sunset, surely, it is the best wind to sail fast and safely.