Olib Island- Bay Of St. Nicholas. 

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The Bay of St. Nicholas is the best place on the island of Olib (Ulbo) to find shelter and give back to the anchor. Sheltered from strong winds and from all winds except those from the West, however infrequent. Fund good holding ground. There is present a small pier at the end of the bay with 2 meters draft. The bay name is related to Benedictine monastery erected in the twelfth century. The area is inhabited only in the summer and there are about a dozen buoys available at a cost of about 10 kune (for each meter of the boat) plus 5 kune per head for the tax of stay. The water is 8 mt deep. Wanting to move towards the center of the island you can reach the main town in about 40 minutes following the proper path.

When you are at anchor, though it is a rule that is often not respected, you have to expose the black ball by day, while at night you need to turn on the white light. It is also good to remember to do a check with a compass, pointing out a couple of significant points on the coast to check that the anchor does not drag. Finally, give a cable for a length of 4 to 6 times the depth of the water, depending on the condition.

 Near the island there is also a small harbor with the same name that, referring to the choice of this bay here, is less protected but additionally you can find a couple of restaurants, water and electricity, waste disposal and waste oils collected as well. Beware of water, there is no natural source on the island and therefore it comes from wells or rain. There is also a pier that can be moored with depths from 2.5 to 4 meters, paying attention to the passage of the ferry to Zara, reported at night with white and red light flashing three seconds. From the village it is also possible to easily reach the other side of the island on foot, to see Slatinica (see video below), one of the most recognized tourist attractions in the area. Slatinica can also be reached by boat but usually the area is busy, the cost of the buoys is always 10 euros per meter but also the anchorage fee, 5 kune per metro. Avoid stopping for the night, no wind protection.

The locals’ people are friendly and you can buy local products from the farmers themselves. There is a strong difference between the medieval ruins, the houses of another era and some new tourist buildings, inhabited only in some periods of the year. The offer of holiday homes is quite vast.