Molat Island- Brgulje Bay 

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Brgulje (Berguglie) on the Croatian island of Molat is an anchorage for sheltered boats on a sandy beach, located on the homonymous bay, just behind the Brguljski Island. It is also the arrival point of the hydrofoil, which causes wave motion.

To get to Brgulije we recommend the approach from the west. tThe east entrance is difficult because of the forced passage between the islands where in some places the depth of the water is reduced (eg 1.5 meters in Malo Zaplo). To the west instead, the transition is smoother. If the entrance is by night, you refer to the lighthouse, white light flashing fifteen seconds on the left and to the lighthouse on the right, the white flashing light three seconds. In front of the first lighthouse there is a dry, depth of 8 meters.

As a nautical resort in Croatia, Brgulje is well-known and appreciated by boaters (mainly sailboats), thanks to the enchanting bay that encloses it. The bay, where boats and yachts often stand, is one of the safest haven in the whole island. It is protected from all winds and more than 30 berths along the quay are available with many buoys , further there is room for about 200 boats at anchor, in addition to 30 berths along the shore. Most of the buoys are located between the town of Berguglie and the islet in front. In the presence of sirocco it raises the wave and the mooring to the buoys is not convenient. Water and electricity at the dock, possibility of refueling only by appointment, all the information on the number of the port below. There is also a restaurant and a small supermarket shop. For night time entrance to rely to green light flashing three seconds, located on the pier where the ferry stops.

For the buoys stop, you remember that, by attaching to one of these (in good condition) on average, a boat of ten meters long, with sea strength 7 to 8, will be safe. As the boat's length increases, the force of the wind has to be reduced, for a boat of 15 meters the buoy can safely keep the mooring with sea force 6 - 7 and so on. However, it is advisable to always check the seal of the mooring top as maintenance may be missing and the condition of the tops suffers a rapid wear. In summary remember once moored, to give a short shot of the back, to verify the actual sealing.