Rade De La Badine 

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Situated in the southern part of the long promontory of Hyères, Rade de la Badine is an area which is very appreciated by yachtsmen sailing along Cote d'Azur.

The most suitable area where to drop the anchor is the southern one, near the promontory of Giens, since it is well-sheltered from south and west winds as well as mistral (but only when the latter is not too strong). The only danger here is represented by the fact that the bay is completely open on its eastern side. We therefore suggest not to stop here in case of strong western streams since the seabed is not particularly safe and stable. 

As in many other areas of the region, the Var authorities have established a small docking area in the southern part of Plage de la Badine which can host up to 15 boats at the same time.

Plage de la Badine borders the beach of Bergerie in the north and extends to the promontory of Giens. It's a long wide expanse of sand, surrounded by a rich vegetation and some pine forests offering pleasant shadow to bathers. 

The area is not under surveillance but the proximity to the road, the low seabed and its spaciousness make is a very appreciated destination among families, including those with kids and babies.

Furthermore, the beach is equipped with a car park and some rest stops.

Surfers and nautical skiers can even benefit from a specific area reserved for them.

The beach offers a breath-taking view over the Pointe de la Badine and Porquerolles Island.

Moving from Plage de la Badine to the promontory of Giens, we find a series of small coves with some beautiful peaceful beaches.

Two other beaches are situated along the coast which extends from Plage de la Badine to Pointe de La Badine. The first is called plage de l’Estanci: easily accessible from the mainland, it is little known and very wild. The second one is called plage de la Baume and, surrounded by some pine forests, is the closest one to Pointe de la Badine.
Rade de la Badine is the ideal place where to moor for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the Hyères region