Haven Of D'agay - Rade D'agay  

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The haven d'AgaHavy is a small bay located on the Esterel coast, in the territory of the department of Var.

Agay is a small village in the municipality of Saint-Raphaël. Because of the "wild" mooring that harmed the marine environment and marine flora (in particular the posidonia barrier on the seabed), in 2004 the municipal administration decided to regulate the permanence of boats within the bay by organizing in mooring areas for a fee.

The management of the moorings is entirely controlled by a municipal body, the Municipal Digue Régie de l'Escale. The mooring line of each station is formed only by a rope tied to a buoy and kept under constant tension by an intermediate float, which allows the line not to come into contact with the bottom, even when there is no moored boat.

The largest mooring area is located at the end of the haven, in the central part of the Agay Beach, where landing piers on the east make landing easier. You can moor even on the east side of the bay, near the beach and the lighthouse of the Baumette.

In the western part of the bay there is a small port, the port Chapelle, restricted mainly to small fishing boats, since the maximum draft is one meter.

In the area in front of the small port is located a third mooring area, destined to small boats.

Within the mooring area, there are three floating waste disposal stations.

Guests can also take advantage of the bathrooms on the beach, near the port captain station.

In addition, the municipal company that manages the mooring also provides a shuttle service to allow boaters to land on the ground.

The bay is set beneath the Rastel D'Agay and it is a natural access door, to the massive de l'Estérel, an important protection from the northern winds. It is also sheltered from Cap Dramont to the West and from the Pointe de la Baumette to the East. The bay is very busy during the summer. If mooring is complete (or for those wishing to stop outside the paid area) you can moor ahead of the du Pourrousset beach just outside of Agay's bay or in the cove du Camp -Long, located between the dunes and Cap Dramont.

Arriving from the mainland, you reachto a  center of the small village of Agay where you can find some restaurants, bars, a couple of hotels and a small supermarket.

Strolling along the seafront, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the nearby mountains and the Île d'Or, a small island dominated by an ancient tower.

The beaches in the  bay are three and in summer can offer good moments of fun lovers of kayaking and water skiing. The most famous and suggestive is the one of Baumette, which is part of his celebrity to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Setting sail from the harbors in Agay you can easily reach the port of Saint Raphael and Saint Lucia, one of the largest harbors on the French Riviera.

Agay can also be considered a good starting point for getting to Cannes, which is just over 10 miles.

Trekking lovers can embark on the conquest of the Estérel summits to enjoy the magnificent views of the coast completely immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.