Cove Of Maubois - Calanque De Maubois 

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The Calanque de Maubois is located less than 20 kilometers from St. Raphael and very close to Cap Roux. It   is one of the most beautiful bays in the vicinity of the Massif de l'Esterel. Here, in the Les Trayas area, the coast is high and rocky, with intense red color.

The bay is a great place to anchor, being it protected from most winds, including those in the West, which in this part of the Côte d'Azur are the most insidious for sailors.

The most secured area of the bay is the central part, where you can also stay in the nighttime, remaining well repaired. There is one thing that must be controlled it is the possibility of wave motion coming from the waters off the coast in case of strong winds.

To anchor here is generally quite safe; however, entering the bay, it is good to pay attention to the isolated rock rising one meter from the water level, near the south-east point of the bay, in correspondence with an old detached house. Another rock, on which you have to pay attention during sailing, is located northeast of the cove.

Entering the bay, to avoid these obstacles is therefore good, to keep always in the central area.

Near the bay there is a bar and parking for cars, for those arriving at the cove from the mainland. For the people coming from here, access to the beach is via a stairway.

The backdrops of the bay are rich in charm, rich in varied fauna and flora and will make the happiness of all those who love scuba diving.

Even the lovers of excursions will find in this area a little corner of paradise, located between the waterfalls of Cap Roux and beauty offered by the forests of the Massif de l'Esterel.

The beach of the Bay de Maubois is a mixture of sand and red-type stones, proper of this area- contrasting with the blue of the sea and the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub. Despite its beauty being known by all those who have the habit of sailing in this section of the Côte d'Azur, the bay remains a quiet place even in the summer.

The Bay (Calanque) de Maubois is a great starting point to reach Cap Dramont and the beaches of Fréjus or, rising slightly off the coast, to reach the Golfe de la Napoule and Cannes.