Kreek Of Figuerolles - Calanque De Figuerolles  

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Located southwest of the La Ciotat area, the Bay of  Figuerolles is a deep crevice open to the wide, narrow and elongated shape surrounded by high cliffs.

Characterized by the rocky shores of intense red color contrasting with the crystalline blue of the sea and the thick Mediterranean vegetation, the bay - thanks to its very natural shape - is extremely suggestive and is a good shelter to be easily redone by most of the winds that affect the final part of the Côte d'Azur.

Due to the small size of the slope, it is not possible to have more than two or three moorings at the same time.

Entering the bay is a good thing to look at the rock located on the right side, called "Le Lion".

It is allowed to anchor in the water part of the arear in front of the yellow buoy signaling the depth of ten meters. Day berth is quiet and has no particular problems. In order to remain at the base even at nighttime, you must take advantage of summer evenings that offer a particularly favorable time.

Some gusts of circular winds are always possible, given the characteristic shape of the bay, it is always good to give foundation to the central part, thus keeping the right distance from the surrounding rocks.

If the small space has already been occupied by other boats, you can try to moor in a small loop immediately east of the slope. From here you can easily reach the port of La Ciotat and Île Vert.

The beach is small, graceful and made up of rocks and is accessible via a staircase from the mainland, so it is quite frequented during the summer by tourists and locals. A car parking area facilitates the access to those who come from the ground. At night, once the swimmers has left, who will moor in this bay will enjoy a peace of mind like no other.

Diving enthusiasts find an ideal place for diving here, thanks to the richness and variety offered by the backdrops.

The slope is surmounted by a small seafood restaurant.

The Calanque de Figuerolles is a haven of peace and unspoiled nature, that will appeal to every lover of sailing and navigation of pleasure.