D'anthéor Creek - Calanque D'anthéor  

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Quoted north of the same point and not far from the Baumette area, the Calanque d'Anthéor is part of the communal area of Saint Raphaël and is a well-known and appreciated place for yachtsmen sailing along this stretch of the French Riviera.

The bay enjoys an excellent shelter from the winds of the west and the north and a good protection from the northwest winds, and is therefore a good place to be able to fund and find shelter on the days when the maestral thrusts.

However, intense traffic and big crowding - especially during high season - make it a haven where it is not easy to be able to anchor quietly. In some cases, having admired the beauty, it might be better to leave the bay and go to look for shelter, in one of the smallest and least frequented caves that are located just a little further south. In the bay, the limit of approaching the coast of the boats is marked by a row of white booms.

The charm of this sparse but well worth a visit.  Immediately recognizable by those who come to it thanks to the imposing and ancient viaduct, Anthéor's bay offers to visitors the magnificent contrasts between the blue of its waters and the dark red of the surrounding mountains and rocks, all encircled from vegetation spots and delicate colors.

The bay is about a couple of miles from the Calanque des Anglais and the Baumette area and only 500 meters from the Anthéor-Cap Roux train station, making it a very well-known tourist destination.

The area is also highly appreciated by diving divers, the wealth of underwater flora, but also the chance to come across interesting submerged wrecks.

In the northwestern part of the bay, near the Viaduc d'Anthéor, lies the Plage de Anthéor, the only sandy beach in the creek. Its surface is not extensive (it measures a little more than 80 meters) and is accessible via the mainland by the D559 state road that passes right behind him. There is a single car park for cars in the area, which can accommodate up to 60 vehicles. On the beach are located showers and public baths and in the vicinity of the bay it is not difficult to find camping, hotels and some restaurants.

In the southernmost part of Calanque de Anthéor, not far from the viaduct, there are other small red rock beaches, less frequented of the big beaches to the north.