Bay Of Gau - Baie Du Gau 

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Closed north from the Pointe de la Ris and south from Pointe de L'Esquilette, the Baie du Gau is located in the Cap Bénat area and is one of the most popular bays on the west coast of the Côte d'Azur.

In general, the surrounding traffic and the crowding of tourists in the creek, will calm down after 6pm, thus calming the wave motion and bringing tranquility to those who still want to stay a bit longer. However, the stay in the Bay du Gau is recommended only in favorable weather conditions. In the central part of the bay you can find a restaurant, as well as a number of campings.

Inside the bay there are a number of coves and beaches, the latter before reaching Cap Bénat, where only rocks and reef will be encountered.

The largest beach is the plage du Gaou, located in the middle of the creek, formed by fine sand and small pebbles. The only possibility of access for those coming from the mainland, is to take the coast path to the beach of Favière (north of the Gauch and south of the port of Bormes-Les Mimosas) and walk southward, In the direction of Cap Bènat.

The easiest access to the beach, is the one which is located right after Pointe de la Ris, near a dam. But be careful: the closer you reach to Pointe de l'Esquilette , the more the access, from the mainland to the beach of Baie du Gau, becomes difficult.