Bay Of Pramousquier - Baie De Pramousquier 

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The Bay (Baie) de Pramousquier is a large creek located east of Cap Nègre and surrounded by the beautiful heights of Montagne de Faveyrol.

The bay is formed by a series of smaller, very suggestive and quiet coves. One of the most frequented by boaters areas to anchor is the area at the southern end of the bay, east of Cap Nègre, at the beach (plage) de Pramousquier.

Here you can enjoy a good shelter from the mistral wind and those from the West, but there is no protection from the wind east and south.

In the bay, there is a fair number of private buoys, which can be used if they are free. However, the space to give anchor freely is not lacking.

La Plage de Pramousquier is one of the most beautiful and popular in the area between Cap Lardier and Cap Benat.  It is not a coincidence that remain so popular with tourists and locals’ people. The bay is devided between the towns of Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer and Le Lavandou and it is a beautiful wide stretch of sand, where you can also find some private bathing establishments to hire equipment such as parasols and sun loungers.

The beach is also accessible by land and in the surrounding area there is a car park (which is reserved for factory customers), as well as hotels, bars and shops. The beach is not guarded - even in the summer - and has a good number of restaurants and some toilet facilities.

If the Pramousquier Bay is affected by strong winds from the east or from the south, you can look for shelter to the west of the bay, in front of the beach du Canadel, although here the number of private buoys is clearly higher and space for much more restricted free anchorage.

La Plage du Canedel is very pretty. In the east there are mostly free beach areas, while in the eastern part there are private establishments.

On the beach, you can find a medical first aid point.

The Pramousquier Bay is an excellent starting point for reaching the Bregançon and Cap Taillat areas.