Bay Of Port Man - Baie De Port Man 

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Located at the northeastern tip of the island of Port Cros, the Port Man boulevard is one of the few points of the island where it is possible to moor.

Port Cros is part of the Parc National de Port Cros et Porquerolles, a submarine site created to safeguard local flora and fauna, where anchoring is strictly regulated and prohibited on most of the 1200 hectares of protected territory.

Even in some areas of the bay, it is forbidden to give foundation: these are areas where the backdrops are sprinkled with whole posidonia prawns, but are well marked by some buoy fields.

The Port de Man bay is a great place in which to moor, it is naturally protected from almost all winds that blow on the island.

The creek is well-known by boaters navigating the Côte d'Azur in the Hyères Islands area (of which Port Cros is part) and is very popular during summer. Being well-protected by the winds, a good idea may be to anchor in the evening and spend the night in the favorable weather, so taking advantage of more calm and tranquility.

Port Cros is also accessible via the ships that depart throughout the year from Hyères and arrive in the port of the island.

The Port Man Creek area does not have many amenities: to find restaurants, shops, and a hotel you will need to approach the village and the only island landing in the Baie de Port Cros. The port is equipped with pontoons and an organized mooring buoy area and is exposed to the mistral wind.

Lack of nearby amenities is undoubtedly offset by the magnificent view of the lush and uncontaminated nature that surrounds anyone in this bay.

Port Man Beach, in the middle of the creek, is made up of small pebbles, is the farthest of the island from the center of the village but can also be reached from the ground.

The bay is indeed a cycle-pedestrian path called "circuit des forts", a circular itinerary that can be reached in about 4 hours from the bay to the fortieth west side of the island, passing through the beautiful Mediterranean forests of the hinterland and near the village center.

You can also indulge in some small "off-piste" occasionally to find some places of particular charm, such as the Pointe du Tuf, travertine landscape, or some hidden corner where you can stop and rest.

The Port Man bays are the ideal anchorage for wildlife enthusiasts and unspoiled nature lovers.