Bay Of Pampelonne - Baie De Pampelonne 

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The Baie de Pampelonne is one of the most famous coasts of the Côte d'Azur.

It extends south of the Saint Tropez promontory and is bordered to the north by Cap du Pinet and south by the Pointe de la Bonne Terrasse.

It is part of the European network "Natura 2000" for the protection of ecosystems and the conservation of threatened flora and fauna.

The Var department then set up ten mooring areas all along the maritime area of Pampelonne for a total number of berths over 200 units. The northernmost mooring area is located near the plage de Tahiti, the southernmost is close dell'Anse de la Bonne Terrasse. With these measures, the local authorities have tried to regulate the great affluence of recreational boats that lie in the waters of the bay, particularly in summer, which over the years ended with damaging the posidonia grasslands of the seabed, especially in the north of the bay.

In the bay, however, it is still possible to anchor outside the organized mooring areas, but the authorities have imposed ban on mooring in areas where anchorage could pose damage to posidonia. There is a fairly wide area in the southern part of the bay - north of the Anse de la Bonne Terrasse - with a sandy backdrop suitable for the base where it is possible to anchor freely.

In addition, there are another pair of free zones in the northern part of the work, near the beach of Tahiti.

Bay beaches are several, all fine sand and discreetly accessible, and offer a beautiful view of Cap du Pinet and the green hills of the Saint Tropez promontory. The beaches of Pampelonne are also popular with lovers of nautical sports, because of the wide range of services and facilities offered. Close to the beach area, you can find bars, restaurants, camping and business.

The most northern beach of the bay is the Plage de Tahiti, offering good alternatives both those seeking the free beach and tourists who want to use the services of private beach clubs. It offers showers and restrooms; a snack bar and beach equipment and dogs are allowed if kept on a leash. The beach is also accessed by land via a trail, but there are no car parks nearby.

The beaches of Pampelonne are instead les Moulins, les Tamaris, Pach, les Barraques. Les Tamaris hosts a first aid station and has a nudist area. Pach also offers a first aid point and has an accessible area for disabled people. Les Barraques devotes a portion of the beach to nudists and offers a less sophisticated and more familiar environment than other resorts.

The Baie de Pampelonne became famous in the late 1950's, reflecting the interpretation of Roger Vadim and Brigitte Bardot in the film "Et Dieu créa la femme".