Bay De L'alycastre - Baie De L'alycastre  

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Located in the northeastern part of Porquerolles, the largest of the islands in the Hyères archipelago, Blythe de l'Alycastre is a large creek in the northeastern part of the island.

The bay, overlooking the fort of the Alycastre and surrounded by lush vegetation and Mediterranean pines, is one of the most striking and wild places on the island and is well protected by the winds of the east.

One of the ideal mooring points is inside the two Criques du Lequin, which are located at the far west end of the bay and to the left of the large Notre Dame beach, which enjoy the Pointe du Lequin shelter.

This area is close to the winds of the east, but it does not guarantee shelter from the wind of the maestrale. There are very few points on the island of Porquerolles where you can enjoy a real shelter from the maestrale. These include the Anse du Bon Renaud.

The fort du Lequin tells yachtsmen the access channel to the two bays.

Among the advantages of mooring in these gorges is also to find yourself in a convenient location for walking, near the harbor and the center of the island.

Alternatively, you can also moor in front of the Plage de Notre Dame, protected by the winds of the east.

The setting is very pleasant and you can enjoy the pleasing shade provided by the pine woods. The sand is fine and clear and the area is generally less crowded than the others because it is far from the port area. However, be aware that the backdrops, from the coast to a distance of about 300 meters, remain rather low.

The beach is also accessible from the mainland through a series of trails.

The Alycastre beach, located between the coves du Lequin and the plage de Notre Dame, is well sheltered from the winds of the east and enjoys a good shade.

Access to the north-eastern end of the beach baie de l'Alycastre is difficult and sometimes dangerous and mooring of the surrounding water is not recommended.

The island of Porquerolles is part-along with that of Port Cros- of the Parc National de Port Cros, an organization created to preserve the incredible diversity of the earth and the depths of the arcipelago islands of Hyères.

The Bays of the Alycastre is an excellent landing place to enjoy the wild beauty of Porquerolles in a calm and evocative setting.