Baie De La Moutte  

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Situated west of Bandol and east of Calanque du Port d'Alon, Baie de la Moutte is a wide bay.

The cove is totally exposed to southern winds but it offers an excellent shelter from mistral, southern and eastern winds.

Sea bottoms are mostly made of sand and poseidonia meadows and they offer a good holding ground which makes the bay a place sufficiently safe where to drop the anchor even at night but only in the areas where poseidonia is not present.

The bay is part of the so-called Conservatoire du Littoral, a public body managed by the municipality of Saint Cyr in order to preserve the local marine ecosystem.

Being one among the most beautiful places around Bandol where to stay at anchor, the bay welcomes a considerable flow of tourists  -especially in summer - which, however, decreases at sunset. If you want to enjoy the quiet of the bay, we therefore suggest to drop the anchor at night but only when southern winds and waves are not too strong.

The whole bay is surrounded by high red cliffs overlooked by dense green pine forests.

The bay also hosts a small cobblestone beach called "la plage de la Moutte". It's a wild beach, with no services, which preserves its quiet thanks to a very hard access: you can indeed reach the beach only from the plage du Port d'Alon in the namesake bay and then take a coastal path which will lead you to la plage de la Moutte after a 30-minute walk. 

The beautiful crystal-blue waters and the quiet of the place certainly worth the travel.

Another beach is la plage de la Galère, situated on the eastern shore of the bay, on the coasts of the namesake cliff. Unfortunately, however, the access to the beach area is currently not permitted.

The bay is also a very popular destination among hikers and scuba divers.

Baie de la Moutte can be considered as an excellent starting point to visit Saint Cyr sur Mer and La Ciotat