De La Fossette Bay - Baie De La Fossette 

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Closed in the eastern part of the Pointe de la Fossette, de la Fossette Bay is part of the homonymous district of Le Lavandou, a renowned French Riviera resort in the Var department.

The creek is smaller in size than the nearby and most famous calanche (west of Fossette lies the Calanque Du Four des Maures) but is also quieter and less crowded than other bays in the area, especially in the summer.

The bay is well protected by the winds of the east and the maestral but, being very open to the winds and the southern currents, in the case of waves coming from the south, it is better to give up the anchoring here and move to the areas of Cavalaire-sur-Mer .

Like in many other areas of the dipartement, the Var administration set up a beach mooring area in front of the bay, for a total of 20 berths where it is forbidden to fund buoys, and use only those types of anchor, that will not damage the seabed.

Baie de la Fossette is an integral part of Natura 2000, a European body dedicated to the protection of or threatened marine ecosystems.

The fact that it is less famous than other well-known "beachs or caves", has nothing to do with the charm of the bay of Fossette, which offers visitors a magnificent view of the Mediterranean vegetation, the gracious buildings and the verdant mountains surrounding it.

The beach, located in the middle of the creek, is made up of sand and small stones and is generally more calm than the other beaches of Le Lavandou.

At the center of the beach there is a private bathing establishment where you can rent beach equipment, but there are also free areas where you can settle without paying. For those coming from the mainland there is a parking lot not far from the beach. You leave the car here, then walk on foot along a pleasant path surrounded by vineyards.

The Baie de la Fossette is a good starting point, quiet and little chaotic, to explore Cap Bénat and the islands of the Parc National de Port-Cros.