Bay De La Courtade - Baie De La Courtade  

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Located between the port area and the Pointe du Lequin, the Baie de la Courtade is one of the most popular and appreciated areas for tourists on the island of Porquerolles, in the archipelago of the Hyères Islands.

Like most of the bays of the island, the bay provides a good shelter from the winds of the East, but it is advisable to avoid the mooring when the mistral wind blows, considering the fact that the seabed in this area of the island does not offer an exceptional seal.

The most sheltered area of the bay remains however, the northeastern one that extends shortly after the Pointe de la Tufière, near the Pointe du Lequin , the second beach of the bay, smaller and further away from the center of the island.

You can also anchor near the main beach, remembering that it is forbidden for motor boats to approach more than 300 meters from the shore with the powered engines.

The Plage de la Courtade is one of the largest in the island and, although not very wide, has a length of more than one kilometer.

The beach is mainly composed of sand and enjoys the proximity of a pine forest and a forest of eucalyptus, which on the warmer days, offer a pleasant shade to the visitors.

Those who arrive in this bay, can fully admire the natural and wild nature typical of the island, the splendor of its crystal clear waters and the charm of the panorama on the Hyères promontory.

In the bay, there are no refreshment points or business premises. However, the harbor area and the village center are easily accessible to those on the west side of the Courtade Beach. Following the path (Piste) de Notre Dame you can reach bars, shops, diving equipment rental centers and the tourist information point with a few minutes walk.

The quiet but not too secluded location, the proximity to the harbor area and the center of the island and the opportunity to walk to other beaches such as Notre Dame and Alycastre, make it a very well deserved beach, even among the sub here you can find the backdrops of a unique beauty.

Porquerolles is part of the Parc National de Port Cros, an entity created to preserve the delicate ecosystems of the Hyères, Port Cros and Ile du Levant islands, and the entire territory is subject to some regulations for the protection of this natural heritage.

The Baie de la Courtade can also be a good starting point for taking the paths of Porquerolles and discovering the many forts on the island.