Bay Of Canabries - Baie De Canebiers  

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Located on the southernmost part of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, the Baie des Canebiers is one of the most beautiful coves in the entire Cote d'Azur.

The point where the most popular foundry of sailing in the area, is located in the center of the bay, with an access that can be made along a canal marked by some booms. Alternatively, you can approach the citadel of Saint Tropez and moor one hundred yards from the local marine cemetery, at the equipped beach.

The mooring near the Citadel allows you to moor your boat and get off on the ground to walk comfortably on foot in the center of Saint Tropez, with a journey of about half an hour leading to the Vielle Tour and then to the renowned port of the city.

The central area is more sheltered, but it is good to be careful in the case of the wind of the maestrale not to leave the boat unattended for too long. However, the sand and prairie backdrops across the bay is a good tenant and allows a secure berth.

For those coming here from the northern part of the Gulf of Saint Tropez it is good to keep away from the coast while sailing because of the numerous rocks. In addition, in high season, attention must be paid to the intense maritime traffic. In order to counteract the phenomenon of wild landing, the department of Var has bounded an organized mooring area, near the Cap Saint Tropez natural area, where it is forbidden to fund with an anchor where there are posidonial prawns underwater.

The beach of Canebiers - the most internal part of the bay - is composed of sand and about 200 meters long, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of Saint Maxime and its promontories. It is one of the favorite beaches of the local inhabitants, also because it is well equipped with public bathrooms, showers, a rescue center and a nautical club. There is also a small wooden jetty on the beach. Not far from Canebiers' canoe you can find some hotels, bars, restaurants and various commercial activities.

Entering the bay from the sea, the glimpse is magnificent, with a panorama of dense Mediterranean vegetation, vintage villas and cannons on the water that contrast with the intense blue of the sea.

Mooring in the central part of the Baie des Canebiers allows you to walk along the "sentier du littoral", a beautiful path surrounded by vegetation that will, within an hour, allow hikers to go to Cap St Tropez and get to the beautiful beach des Salines.