Bay Of Briande - Baie De Briande  

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The Bay (Baie) de Briande is part of the town of La Croix-Valmer in the department of Var. It is located between the northeast by Cap Taillat and the south by Cap Lardier.

The bay is very much appreciated by boaters navigating the Côte d'Azur, for its natural appeal and the tranquility that it breathes.

The bay is large and, in areas adjacent to the two caps, gives the sailors a good shelter from the wind mistral winds from the southwest and from those of the northwest. In particular, the area offering greater protection is that of the southwest, right behind Cap Lardier.

Nevertheless, the bay does not offer any protection from the south and east winds, a factor that can cause waves and a rather annoying roll, especially for those who want to stop there during the night.

The bay is part of the network of Natura 2000, a body created to protect the ecosystem of sites that are considered particularly interesting. For this reason, in the central part of the bay, the department of Var has set up an organized and regulated mooring area of about 30 berths.

In any case, in the presence of posidonial prawns, it is forbidden to fund anchors.  The only mooring permitted is with means that are not destructive to the seabed. The unspoiled natural beauty (very few are also the buildings near the beach); of the bay is a place of passage for many boaters.

Tourists, however, tend to crowd the creek waters mainly during daylight hours, then start off with the approaching sunset, leaving the right tranquility to those who thought of spending the night here.

The only beach on the bay is the Plage de la Briande, west of Cap Taillat, bordering the beach of the adjacent cape. The beach is made up of sand and pebbles and enjoys the shade offered by the surrounding pines.

The bay of Briande can be reached also via land, via a single coastal path that comes from the east. For people arriving in the area with their own car, there are some car parking between Cap Taillat and Ramatuelle but also leaving the car in the parking near Cap Taillat, the way to the Briande beach takes about an hour.

You can also find a restaurant in the area between the Baie de Briande and Cap Taillat.

The Baie de la Briande also offers an interesting historical note, hidden among the hills that make up the background: there is a dolmen, hidden by the vegetation, about 300 meters from the sea.