Bay Of Bonporteau - Baie De Bonporteau  

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The Bay ( Baie ) de Bonporteau is situated between Cap Camarat and Cap Taillat, it is a large bay on the French Riviera and located a few kilometers south of Cap Saint-Tropez.

The area is modestly sheltered by the wind of the maestrale and the currents of the southwest, especially close to Cap Camarat and Cap Taillat and, in general, near the higher rocks that act as a natural shelter.

The bay, however, offers no shelter from the winds from east and south. In the presence of these winds, the waves can become quite important and it is better, to look for a safe harbor going towards Saint Tropez.

The Bonporteau creek is very famous and in the summer, it becomes an ideal destination for both boaters and tourists, especially in daytime hours, while in the evening the bay enjoys greater tranquility.

Near the Pointe du Canadel, an area has been equipped for mooring; it offers buoys arranged for a limited number of boats. The organization of this area was motivated by the attempt to defend  the posidonia prawns that populate the backdrops, especially near the rocks, from the wild anchor,. However, the creation of this area has considerably diminished the ability to find a place where you can freely to cast anchor.

Near the organized berth, you can also find a beach restaurant.

The tourists and boaters who land in the bay Bonporteau can take advantage of a great number of beaches, all very suggestive.

The northernmost one is the Plage de l'Escalet, a beautiful white sandy beach and rocks that, for those arriving by car, can enjoy the convenience of nearby parking area.

Near Cap Taillat instead, there are two other beaches very characteristic, the Plage de la Douane and Plage du Cap Taillat, both close to a convenient parking lot under payment only during the summer season. Interesting is also the Maison des Douanes of the Napoleonic era, from which you may enjoy a magnificent view of lush vegetation and the surrounding promontories.

The Baie de Bonporteau is a great starting point to reach Saint Tropez and the Baie de Cavalaire.