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Situated in the southern part of Saint Jean-Cap Ferrat, the Anse des Fossettes is a bay on the Mediterranean Sea. The bay is part of a single larger bay, divided into Anil Lilong and Anse des Fossettes from a small peninsula.

The bay is predominantly exposed to the winds from the south and is generally a well-protected area for boat anchoring during the day. In addition, it provides shelter on days when the Maestral wind blows strong.

However, in the night the waves may become quite important and expose the boats to a strong roll.

The shallow and rocky backdrop is covered by posidonia and its depth can vary from one to five meters. The limit of approach to the coast for boats is 300 meters and is marked by a line of buoys. For motor boats, it is also forbidden to approach the more than 200 meters west of the engine and 100 meters to the east at the entrance of the creek. The western bay is bordered by Pointe du Colomier, within walking distance thanks to a pleasant walk among the pine trees and along the Promenade des Fossettes. Walking a little longer you can reach to the Pointe de Saint Hospice, a small appendix on the headland of Saint Jean-Cap Ferrat.

Those who still have their own boat in the haven can enjoy a fascinating view of the pine forests, the typical Mediterranean vegetation surrounding them and the beautiful vintage villas with their ivy-colored bouganvillea spots.

Inside the Anse des Fossettes, the Saint Jean-Cap Ferrat submarine trail has been recently equipped. A safe, easy and well-defined route from the numbered buoys to discover the secrets of the seabed.The trail is part of a program for the protection of the fauna and flora marina of the Côte d'Azur.The route extends for about 200 meters and is divided into 5 submersible observation stations, accompanied by explanatory signs. The bottom in the percussion zone reaches a maximum depth of 3 meters.

The visit is suitable for all snorkeling lovers and is done by swimming with water. It is therefore sufficient to have fins, masks and snorkels. Any form of fishing is prohibited in the area and the only allowed activity is natation.

The beach of Fossettes is rocky. The most spacious part is on the right, while the presence of the pines in the left is a little shade on the hottest days.

The beach is public and has a shower and a rescue station, linked to the activities of the underwater trail and guarded from 9am to 5pm.

The adjacent Anse Lilong also offers a small concrete dock.

The bay is also easily accessible by road, but worth mentioning the difficulty of parking due to the limited availability of parking spaces. In the bay there are no commercial activities but just walk for a few minutes to reach the port of Saint Jean-Cap Ferrat where you can find bars, restaurants and grocery stores.

The Anse des Fossettes is a good alternative to Cap Ferrat Harbor during the months of great summer crowding and offers all sailing enthusiasts a safe, peaceful, quiet daytime landing and the pleasure of enjoying their crystal clear sea.