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Nestled between the promontory of Cap Ferrat and the small peninsula of Pointe Saint-Hospice, the Anse de Lilong is a very picturesque bay on the French Riviera.

The kreek is actually part of a larger bay, divided by two from a land tongue: on the right is the Anse des Fossettes (or des Fossés), to the left the bay of Lilong, both of which are very popular by the sailors as a port alternative to the haven of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

The haven de Lilong is more sheltered from the east and west winds, and is less exposed than its western neighbor is, especially in the central part. However, this is always an open bay on the westerly, so the possibility of wave motion coming from south and southwest currents is always present and in this case, it is good to look for shelter elsewhere.

Although being a very characteristic and renowned bay, it is almost never subject to overcrowding, even during high season periods.

Many joggers choose to stay at the base in this bay, to enjoy the peace given by night. However, night mooring is recommended only in case of favorable weather.

Inside the deck, you will find a series of free docks in concrete or wood, useful for landing on the mainland with a tender, frequented by small fishermen, from which to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding hills, villas and dense Mediterranean scrub.

The bay beach is Plage des Fosses, extending for about 300 meters and is made up of sand and gravel.

Avenue Vignon dominates the eastern part, while the eastern one is quieter because it is far from the road and more enjoys the shade of the surrounding pines.

On the beach you can find some free showers, while access for those coming from the mainland can be challenging, because the nearest available parking is near the port of Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat, where you can also find bars, restaurants and convenience store.

The Anse de Lilong is a good starting point for getting to Nice and the Monaco area.