Anse De Cabasson 

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Closed in its southern side by Cap de Bregançon and its fortrees, Anse de Cabasson fis part of the large Rade de Hyères.

In order to regulate the traffic and docking of recreational boats in the area - especially in summer - the Var authorities have established a specific mooring area in the central southern part of the bay, where up to 25 boats can be accommodate at the same time and where it's forbidden to drop the anchor with the help of a mooring post where the sea bottom is characterized by the presence of large poseidonia weadows.

In general, the bay offers no shelter from western winds but it is well-protected against north and east ones, even though the sandy sea bottom is not particularly stable and safe. The most sheltered area of the bay is the southermost one, naturally protected by Cap de Bregançon.
The bay offers two beaches.

The southermost one is called Plage de Bregançon and is located very close to the French President's summer house. The beach extends over about 250 metres and it is made up of sand and rocks, surrounded by green vegetation. Visitors can admire a wonderful view over the promontory of Giens on the right and the promontory of Fort de Bregançon on the West. Furthermore, the beach is equipped with a car park.  

The northermost beach is called Plage de Cabasson and is separated from the beach of Bregançon by a a narrow strip of rocks. Sandy and about 400 metres long, the beach is surrounded and protected by some palm and pine forests. Near the beach, there is also a pic-nic area.

The beach is very crowded in summer and part of its fame is due to the fact that it is easily accessible to people with disabilities. The neighbouring car park, the presence of toilets, showers and a restaurant make this beach a very appreciated destination even among families with kids. 

The area also offers a seaside establishment where you can rent beach equipment as well as free areas.

In summer, the beach hosts a first aid station. 

Bathers and tourists will certainly enjoy a breath-taking view over Cap de Bregançon.

Anse de Cabasson is an excellent starting point and an ideal place where to moor for anyone sailing along Hyères coasts and around the islands of the Parc National de Port-Cros.