Saint Cyprien 

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Saint Cyprien is a wonderful place on the south-eastern coast of Corsica. Its beach is one among the easiest to reach and most comfortable to enjoy in Corsica.

In fact, the beach extends over an area just out of Porto Vecchio, where sea is extremely clear and blue with turquoise and emerald shades. The beach is 6 km long and it offers a very white soft sand.

Of course, the area is crowded by all those who look for a quiet place where to spend some wonderful hours at sea. Recreational boats can moor at the mooring buoys installed there, conceived for medium and small vessels and sailing boats. Traffic is quiet fluent and continous but, in summer, the area attracts lots of tourists

When approaching the site, it's better to pay attention to low bottoms, even if they are well-signed by chart plotter. As reguards the best position, the south-western one is very comfortable.

Tourist ferries don't stop at Saint Cyprien. So, if you don't have a boat, you can reach it by land from Porto Vecchio.

Saint Cyprien is a nice place where to have a wonderful holiday: sea and woderful beaches apart, the city offers some shops, restaurants and the possiibility to enjoy different sports.