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Saleccia Beach is a wonderful place on the northern coast of Corsica, just little far from Cap Corse, in the desert of Agriates, a region which extends from Saint-Florent to Île-Rousse.

This is the only area of Corsica with no roads. Consequently, its enchanting bays and gulfs can be exclusively reached by sea or, if you love adventure, through some very long dirt roads in the middle of some dangerous cliffs.

The anchorage of Saleccia is among the wildest places of Corsica and boats can stop here only when weather is good and sea flat, since it is not well-sheltered.

Many people consider Saleccia Beach the most beautiful beach of Corsica and, despite the great difficulty in reaching it, when it's sunny and sea is calm, it's very crowded. Tourists usually reach it from the harbour of Saint-Florent.

Tourist ferries leave every 15-30 minutes and they get Saleccia or the near beach of Lodu. There's also some jeeps which leave from the town and reach the islands.

Only the brave choice to reach Saleccia through a 15-km dirt road.

The area has no services, expect for a seasonal small kiosk. The beach extends over a 300-metre area of very white sand with a low bottom.

Saleccia has been often chosen to film some movies and documentaries, such as The longest day (1962) which tells the Normandy landing. The anchorage of Saleccia is certainly a wonderful place but ideal only in good weather conditions.

Just little far there's the harbour of Île-Rousse, where you can drop the anchor before getting off on land by tender. The port of Macinaggio is south-east of Cap Corse, a good-sheltered mooring place even in case of rough sea and strong west wind.