Anchorage Of Macinaggio 

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Corsica is synonimous of unspoiled nature, crystal-clear sea, freedom to sail. The anchorage of Macinaggio is considered one among the most beautiful pearls of Corsica thanks to its Caribbean sea and very clear waters. The sea bottom is sandy and, once you got off on land, you can notice how white and subtle the sand is.

In the surroundings, many yachting clubs offer the possibility to enjoy some water sports, such as windsurf, kayak, in addition to some excursions (even horse excursions) along the picturesque Tax Collector's Path.

When the port of Macinaggio is completely full, you can drop the anchor just in front of its entrance (located at the edge of Cap Corse). The sandy bottom is a good holding ground, with a variable depth (according to the beach distance). Pay attention to east and north-east winds.