Anchorage Of Barcaggio 

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Located on the northern Corsican coast, thethe anchorage of Barcaggio is not a typical place for everyone. First of all, because beaches here are completely wild and unspoiled and then because only those who really love sea and the island can get here.

The area where the anchorage is located is simply wonderful. In case of mistral, landing here can be a little difficult. This small bay offers some mooring buoys and a very small port for few ribs and boats provided with ourboards.

The structure and the whole area aren't in fact allowed to big boats, cargo ships, tourist ferries and sailing boats because of the intense currents instisting on the coast, which can represent a serious potential danger.

Mooring is not recommended at night, unless weather is extremely good. But the roadstead is very crowded during the day, when many boats arrive here to visit the wonderful place.

First of all, the beach, charcaterised by a Carribean sea and very clear torquoise water. You can easily swim to the beach. Of course, many visitors organise group trips, especially on ribs thanks to the low sandy bottoms which never exceeds 5 metres.

Moreover, after visiting and enjoyong the beach, tourists can visit Barcaggio, a very nice village.

So, the anchorage of Barcaggio is piece of heaven in northern Corsica. And like every self-respecting paradise, it's only for the chosen few or for those who accept copromises with the land to enjoy its beauty