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On the southern Corsican coast, just 15 km far from Porto vecchio, the anchorage of Pinarello is located in a bay in Marina di Pinarello, a very popular and equipped seaside village.

The Gulf of Pinarello is bounded by the cliffs of Roscana on the north-eastern side, the beach on the western side and the namesake island on the southern one, on the top of which there's an old Genoese tower.

The island of Pinarello is uninhabited and it reaches a maximum height of 52 metres. Marina di Pinarello host a famous jazz festival in late August every year. The village is rich of shops and restaurants and it represents a very crowded tourist destination, especially in high season.

Tourists are usually well-welcomed and they can enjoy snorkeling, excursions, sailing courses and many other activities.

The white-sand beach is partially sheltered by a pine forest; bottom is very low and you need to walk for at least 100 metres before reaching a 1-metre-depth.

Sea is always calm and warm and the roadstead is an excellent shelter from almost all winds.

Since the sandy bottom is low (3-5 metres), boats can't approach to much to the beach.

The beach also hosts a small pier (but boats can't use it), some shops and a yachting club. There's even a small nude beach.

The area hosts many elegant and luxurious hotels, restaurants and villas. Nature and sea are wonderful and Porto Vecchio is just few km far.

Porto Vecchio has the most important harbour of Corsica after Ajaccio.