Calvi Beach 

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Calvi is considered one of the most beautiful places in Corsica located on the north-western coast, between Porto Vecchio and Propriano.

The area is provided with mooring buoys where boats can stop comfortably even for several days.

Yachtsmen can in fact relax and enjoy their holiday in the best way: some special ribs collect waste twice a day and there are even some boats which deliver hot brioches in the morning.

Moreover, buoys are arranged in order to divide bigger boats from the smaller ones.

The anchorage is well-sheltered and safe, even with a 40-knot-wind. Sea bottoms are low and waters are extremely clear.

The beach is under surveillance and it offers many typical restaurants where you can enjoy music, entertainment, in addition to the woderful sunset on Calvi.

Calvi beach and its mooring buoys area are the ideal place where to moor a boat and enjoy a holiday in one of the most beautiful places of Corsica.