The Sanguinaires Islands 

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The archipelago of the Sanguinares Islands is made up of four volcanic uninhabited islands located on the western Corsican coast, little far from Ajaccio.

The largest among the four islands is called Mezzu Mare or Grande Sanguinaire and it presents a lighthouse on its top, which dates back to 1844. In the past, the island hosted a hospital reserved for sailors coming back from Africa, while the lighhouse building was inhabitaed by guardians. However, the island has been uninhabitaed since 1985, when all its inhabitants abandoned it.

Today, the island is rich of vegetation and has been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The anchorage in Sanguinares Islands is an excellent mooring place where to stop and have a bath in a very clear blue sea. When wind starts to blow, boats have better to move to the near Ajaccio, which is provided with two well-equipped harbours.

Ajaccio offers a good shelter from almost all winds, except for mistral. From the lighthouse on Sanguinares Islands, visitors can enjoy a breath-taking view on the city, especially at night and in good weather.

On the contrary, when weather is bad, boats have better to pass south of Rock Tabernacle, signaled by a specific red buoy, to reach Ajaccio.

The inlet located north of the island is separated from land through the so-called Sanguinares Passage, which can be entered only when weather is good and in calm sea.

When south-west, east and south winds blow in the Gulf of Ajaccio, a strong undertow occurs. When sea is rough, the roadstead in Sanguinares Islands can't be reached and the only solution is to take a bus from Ajaccio.

The anchorage is very crowded when sea is calm and weather is good (with no wind). But remember that shops ad restaurants in this corner of Corsica are rather expensive.